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Tuesday, March 28th, 2006


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Anti tagging or untagging or negatagging or my favorite taxnotomy.

I want to emplement a system of tagging that allows me to describe what something is not. I think this would be very useful on flickr. For example a picture of a cup of coffee is not tea.

Here’s a good example of anti tagging in action on this Starbucks cup. To inform the barista that no water be added h2o was written and struck out.

The Phantom Lapboard

Wednesday, December 28th, 2005

Phantom LapboardInfinium Labs is working hard to produce a product. It’s not the fabled Phantom game system either. It’s the best accessory to come out of the design and development process. The lapboard. Of course I’m a bit partial about this product since I helped design it. The whole time I was there working on the system it was the lapboard that excited me the most. I kept telling them to get it to market. I hope that it will become a reality.

What makes it so great? It’s a keyboard designed for use while sitting on your couch or chair in front of your TV. It’s configured for playing games with the keys you use most having higher prominence. I used a computer in front of a TV for a while. I had my Mac Mini hooked up and used a standard Apple wireless keyboard and mouse. Combined with a remote it was mostly usable. The big problem is that there isn’t anyplace to use my mouse.

The lapboard solves this problem by opening up and giving you a mousing surface under the keyboard.

Now the only problem with computing in the living is making an OS UI for the TV. Standard UIs are not TV friendly. However with new products like Front Row or Microsoft’s Media Center they are begining to tackle these issues. I think the Phantom lapboard would make the best Xbox 360 accessory.

The lapboard in the picture is an early prototype. A lot of design improvements and changes have happened since then. I couldn’t find any official pictures of the new design at this time.