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Google Calendar Sync

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

I’ve got a problem.  A problem with Outlook and Exchange.  You see I have two exchange accounts on two different servers.  This is problem that I thought was rare at first, information pills
but I’m finding more and more that folks who work in the consulting space are having this challenge when their clients are using MS Exchange. 

On my mac, tadalafil
this isn’t really a big problem because I Entourage actually supports multiple Exchange servers.

On the PC side though, Outlook wants nothing to do with my multiple Exchange servers accounts.

To set up support for two accounts I had to go in to the control panel and locate the mail icon.


Then from there users have to figure out the very abstract user interface of what to do next.


Nope not “E-mail Accounts”  I need to create a new Profile.


I’ve already created a new profile, but this is where you’d click Add.

Give it a name that explains the account to you


Then you have to fill out this for and will try to auto configure your account


These seems to work most of the time.

So now you have two profiles.  Here’s where it gets annoying.  These profiles have no awareness of each other.  So if you get a meeting request in one and accept it, it will only be visible in that accounts calendar.

Then when you switch profiles you have no way to take that information with you.

Here’s where I’m using Google Calendar Sync.

It’s not perfect, but it does help.


Once set up it will sync my Google calendar with my Outlook calendar.  Then when I switch profiles from one Outlook session to the next.  Google’s Calendar Sync stays active.  It will then begin syncing the information from my current profile.  

Of course the big issue here is that I have to continue switching my outlook profiles back and forth during the day to make sure all the information is up to date.  It’s still possible to receive a meeting request for the same time in both accounts.  Accept in one switch profiles.  Then accept in the other before Google get’s the calendars synced and I can create a conflict.

What Exchange really need to do is offer this a service feed directly from the server so that I don’t have to go through Outlook to activate all.

Phew!  That’s a lot of work just to make sure I don’t double book myself.

Of course this all gets much worse once you start to open yourself to other scheduling services like evite and upcoming.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that computers are supposed to make life easier not harder.