iPad vs. Kindle lighting test

I wanted to see how well the iPad worked in comparison to the Kindle in different lighting situations. To be somewhat fair I tested the Kindle app on the iPad to the Kindle 2 device. You can see the results of my very unscientific test below.

The first test is a side by side in a well lit room


Both devices fair well.  I still really like the Kindle screen for long term reading since it has a non-glare screen which can result in less eye strain.

The next test was in a dark room.


Without a light the Kindle doesn’t work at all, cheap but then again neither does a regular book.

The next test was in direct sunlight


The Kindle is the big winner here, but even though the photo doesn’t show it well, the transflective screen on the iPad is very useable in direct sunlight.  What is interesting is that it worked better with the sun shining right at it, over being just in the shade.

Photos by Todd Lucas

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One Response to “iPad vs. Kindle lighting test”

  1. Did you mean to say “the transflective screen on the iPad is completely useless in direct sunlight”? 🙂

    That has been MY experience anyway, and I own both an iPad and a Kindle 2.

    Also worth mentioning that the iPad overheats VERY easily, so taking it to the beach or pool is quite problematic. Once the iPad reaches about 95 degrees, it gracefully shuts down. And then the screen really IS completely useless 😀

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