Rules for demonstrating a new technology

This mouse is watching you
This mouse is watching you
1. Make a Twitter application for you new technology
2. Make a Twitter / Google maps mash up to tun on the technology
3. Use the Flickr API
4. Combine Twitter, help remedy Flickr and Google maps
5. Make a game that has users upload photos to Flickr and then tweet about it for points.
6. It doesn’t matter just make it multitouch in fact if you can take input for all 10 fingers people don’t care.
7. Take all of the above and add pictures of cats with funny captions. Mmmmm… multitouch LOL cats.

Okay, this site page don’t take number 7. I’m going to get stinky rich with my multitouch cats that crowd sources whimsical comments made via twitter. OMG, treatment this is so going to rule the interwebs! I can see it now. You’ll control one cat on each finger, like finger puppets and then little speech bubbles will pop up on a cat and they will say things like, “IM on ur fingers Makn LOLZ”

I even made a wireframe of it.


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2 Responses to “Rules for demonstrating a new technology”

  1. Matthew says:

    Genius! I wish I’d thought of that first!

  2. Ryan Lane says:


    We can team up to make it! Then we can tour the conferences and talk shows with our iphone/ipod/twitter/google/microsoft killer!

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