The Alphabet Game

Here’s a list of companies I’ve worked for or with over the years in alphabet book format

A is for Ascentium & Altrec

B is for Blast Radius, sovaldi
Brickfan and Bowne

C is for Coinstar

D is for Decision Processes International (DPI)

E is for & Eddie Bauer

F is for Freerange & Flying Spot

G is for GitWit

H is for Hornall Anderson & Humongous Entertainment

I is for IndiFlix, for sale
Infinium Labs and Interactive Threshold

J is for Hmmm… I can’t think of a single J company. So J is for JavaScript you’ve always been there for me.

K is for King Love, view
one of my favorite clients.

L is for Loudeye

M is for Microsoft (whose internal groups could single handedly fill out this whole list) & Modo

N is for Nunhems, Nordstrom, Neverstop and NEC

O is for O’Reilly Media

P is for Paypal, also not anyone I’ve worked for, but I have worked with from building ecommerce and collecting money from clients. I <3 you paypal.

Q is for Qpass

R is for Reba McEntire, yes the musician

S is for Standard Output, Sitewerks,  Slam Media and Spry

T is for TriFilm

U is for U2 and their Popmart World tour website

V is for Visomark Law Group

W is for Wirestone, Wunderman, Wildseed and Weyerhaeuser (that’s a lot of Ws)

X is for XL Insurance

Z is for Zaaz


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