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I’ve been playing around with Sprout today. It’s a web based Flash widget building tool.   My favorite part about it is the Components service.  This little tool bar provides loads of easy to build functionality in to my widget.  The widget above was build using the RSS reader.  All I did was supply the feed URL. 

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The application that you build is hosted on Sprouts servers and all you have to do is either click one of the pre-built publish links or copy and paste the code to your site to get it working.

Currently the Pro and Standard accounts are both free.  The Pro account allows you to publish with out the Sprout ad on your widget.  There’s no mention of time line or cost before Pro stops being free.

Having recently played around with Microsoft’s Popfly I was very disappointed in their user interface around widget building and publishing.  They really should take a look at Sprout for some pointers.


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  1. Alex says:

    Hey there! I work at Sprout. We are always stocked when an Alltops listee shouts out to us. Thanks for the nice mention about Sprout. We aren’t certain about timeline for Pro being a premium offering, but we aren’t planning on making anyone pay any time soon. We will be adding more and more components, too. So definitely stay tuned. And if you see any Sprouts that you really like / admire, pass it on to me so perhaps I can feature them on our blog. Thanks and stay tuned.

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