The Esquire e-ink cover


I’d really like to get a copy.

I picked up a copy of the new Esquire while at the airport. It’s nice in person in all its blinky glory. I sort of wonder if it was the best use of the E ink technology. You can do so much more then just blink text and images on and off. Sure it’s not good for scrolling text, cialis 40mg but it is good for updating the screen entirely. I’m wondering why they didn’t do two or three totally different screens to really show how you can increase the information density.

The ad inside the cover, opisthorchiasis well, visit web it really felt like it missed the mark of the technology completely. We don’t need forced bad animation in our print ads. They could have however put a a ton of information in one space or lead a viewer through a linear storyline or something.

I’m glad that they have opened the door though to the technology.

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