Microsoft Live Mesh part 2

Okay after a little bit of dorking around and a reboot I was able to get my laptop added as a device on my Mesh

:: sounds of trumpets::



Well it’s not all that exciting just yet.  You see, viagra if I had more then one computer in my mesh then I would be cooking, but right now I can’t do much.

Of course this whole thing will get much better once I can get my mobile device, my xbox and my mac all in there and I should start to see some real magic. 

I tested out Adding a folder from my laptop to my live mesh space.  I think it worked.  I’m not sure as of yet.

Since I only have the one system the mesh service is smart enough to not let me connect to myself and create a vortex of time and space folding in on to itself.  I’d miss my laptop if it turned in to a black hole.


So there you have it.  I’ll post more as I learn more.

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