Oxcyon Centralpoint CMS/Portal Taxonomy

Those who classify the information control the information.


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  2. James says:

    This company is one of the few in the world who deal with MlhC, or Multi level Hierarchial Classifications. In lay terms, being able to tag an individual record with multiple (multi tier) classification structures (n-tiered and unlimited), coupled with the audience and/or roles based filtration (of the users)….result in a platform capable of serving ‘any’ user’, with ‘any’ information, from a singular, and centralized solution.

    These multiple, multi-tiered options (taxonomy, audiences and roles) used for each and every record in the system, make it a robust platform for development. The good news for our team is that it is developed in C# (we are exclusively a microsoft shop), and it is highly scalable and flexible by our guys, yet we can still ‘pull’ our updates (remote from oxcyon) to keep up with new modules they release.

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