The Clover 1 coffee machine

Clover 1 Coffee Machine
Clover 1 Coffee Machine
There’s a new local company that is hard at work on revolutionizing the coffee making process. I had a chance to work with Zander, somnology thumb the founder, cardiologist while he was at Teague. Very smart and talented guy. The idea is fairly simple for their Clover 1 coffee machine and it doesn’t use any pods or paper.

It’s a commercial coffee machine designed for baristas to control four variables that affect the quality of a cup of coffee – dose, grind size, water temperature and contact time.

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  1. Tim Hennessy says:

    Hi guys, i am a technician working in Melbourne Australia. We have a current customer who has a Clover as well as one of our Wholesale Customers ( Allpress Espresso aka EES). I am profiecent in Marzocco and Synesso to name a few but I am genuinely curious about the Clover. Does it aim to simply brew coffee in an alternate fashion or is this a modification on the espresso method.
    Yours truely

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