Multi-Touch Interaction

I’m sure most of you have seen the video of Multi-Touch Sensing circulating around on the net of the cool new interactive touch screen that you can use with both hands and all of your fingers. There’s more about the project on their website: Multi-Touch Interaction Research. The technology is based on the FTIR (frustrated total internal reflection) sensing technique which is a more commonly used for fingerprint image acquisition.

Being able to take in the data from more then one point simultaneously isn’t entirely new. The touch pad on my powerbook supports it, approved but is mostly an underused feature. I think users are ready for this type of interface. Using your hand is by far the most natural and intuitive way to interact with anything. This technology should also be the best way to implement gesture based user interfaces. In the past they have been problematic when using a mouse or pen. Which isn’t as a effective as using keyboard shortcuts or menus.

Combine this technology with the new transparent OLED screens that have been popping up and we’re not far away from the Minority Report style interfaces that I dream of.

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